Conscius Music is Coming

The main questions of the panel “The Conscious Music is Coming!” were where the music of the new consciousness comes from, who creates it and how do we listen to it, and these key points were discussed by artists and musicians Mose, Satori and Laor, Founder of the EXIT Festival Dušan Kovačević, the President of the Board of Directors of EXIT Foundation Ivan Petrović and Micky Karlholm. Panel was a part of the “World Music Balkans” conference being held during EXIT Festival in 2022.

Mose, Performer, producer and DJ
Mose is bringing the sounds of multicultural rhythms and Guatemalan spiritual customs with him, which are at the core of his mesmerizing music. His performances feature emotional singing, inviting people to feel love and empathy and embark on a dance without borders.

Satori, world-famous Producer
Satori is a Dutch artist of Serbian descent, with a distinct sound combining traditional Serbian and African melodies with electronic music. He is known worldwide for his Maktub show, which he calls a “cinematic rave.” He combines the sounds of piano, choir, kalimba, and guitar with electronic music and produces meditative tracks that can’t be classified into any single genre.

Laor, leading voice in healing music
For almost 20 years, she has researched the power of the human voice to inspire people to breathe, connect, sing, and pray. Her approach to music comes from theatre, yoga, and research into the link between medicine and music.

Micky Karlholm, natural coach, big hearted motivator, spiritual pioneer and networker
Micky studied Tibetan Buddhism with the Dalai Lama in the library in Dharamsala already at the age of 20. Mikael took vipassana (what we now called mindfulness) to Sweden and co-founded Vipassanagruppen. He also spent time with Osho, Papaji, Ramesh Balzekar, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and other teachers. During the last 45 decades he has organized events with hundreds of teachers, artists and workshop leaders.

Dusan Kovačević, Founder of EXIT festival
Founder of world-famous EXIT festivals group that consists of nine festivals in seven countries. EXIT group represents the biggest and fastest growing independent festival group in Europe. In 2021 the famous American magazine Pollstar named Kovačević one of the most influential people in the European live music industry who led, inspired, and moved the live music industry forward. Dušan is also the founder of EXIT Foundation which has been the initiator of hundreds of projects in the fields of humanitarian work, environment protection, peace promotion and youth development.

Ivan Petrović, President of the Managing Board, EXIT Foundation
Ivan is responsible for running social activities and public affairs of EXIT Festival (Novi Sad, Serbia), Sea Dance Festival (Budva, Montenegro), Sea Star Festival (Umag, Croatia) and Founder of the Public Idea Consulting Agency. Ivan has been part of the EXIT growth and development since 2013. The EXIT foundation team that Ivan led in the last 10 years has implemented over 100 different projects, campaigns, events and other activities.

“The Conscious Music is Coming!"

Live from Pachamama Stage, EXIT Festival 2022