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About Us

Conscious Revolution

EXIT festival, an award-winning summer music festival that was founded in 2000 as a student movement, fighting for democracy and freedom in Serbia and the Balkans, 20 years later after dedicated and continuous activist work with the main focus on environmental and humanitarian activities, youth development, creative industries development, branding destinations as well as regional cooperation, is beginning a new chapter!

Witnessing how humanity is destroying our planet and making life unsustainable Conscious R:evolution platform is our answer to evolve collective and individual consciousness in order to achieve completely different way of looking at our planet and our lives.

Every positive change in society occurs primarily as a result of the individual evolution of consciousness. Conscious R:evolution platform will bring together some of the leading global speakers, artists, scientists, leaders, entrepreneurs and activists with the aim of discussing possible directions of individual and collective development of humanity.

Only united we can save our planet and make life sustainable again, achieving harmony of mankind and the earth! Shifting to a new level of consciousness and awareness in order to save our planet and build healthier future.