Globally UNITED at EXIT_1200x630

Dear friends – Lightworkers,

Thank you for being a part of one of the greatest moments to celebrate life and spread love and hope to the whole planet!

EXIT, the first major festival in the world (40 – 50 000 people per day), taking place after the pandemic emerged, is dedicating the energy of this first reunion of ten thousands of people to eliminate the fear of human touch and contact. Transforming the collective energy and helping in generating the energy in which humanity will live in a higher level of consciousness and in harmony with nature, each other and ourselves – accomplishing Peace on Earth and Peace with Earth.

Here is the detailed introduction for our joint Meditation.

The Meditation will have two parts:

I OPENING part – July 8

At 7 pm CET when the festival gates are being opened for the first time after long period of being a part and isolated from each other. Three things will align at that moment. The festival gates will be opened, the first bit of freedom will go from our Pachamama stage, Festival’s spiritual core and opening part of our meditation will begin.

07:00 pm CET Novi Sad time
10:30 pm IST New Delhi time
1 am SGT Singapore time (July 9th)
3 am AEST Sydney time (July 9th)
1 pm EDT New York time
2 pm BRT Rio De Janeiro

II ACTIVATION part – July 9

At 00:40 am CET during the peak of the evening, just before our traditional fireworks, uniting around 30 000 people standing at the Festival Main Stage next to each other and millions globally in generating strong positive energy of unity, love and freedom.

Meditate, Pray, Sing, and Dance with us to generate the NEW energy where humanity lives in a higher level of consciousness, balance, harmony with nature, each other, and ourselves!

Join us to source and activate the portal of the New Earth unity consciousness creating a high frequency of Unconditional Love, Peace on Earth, and Peace with Earth!

Stay with us in these meditations as long as you want in a way that benefits all. If proposed time for meditations is not suitable for you please get involved whenever you can and send your energy of love and life.

Your energy will contribute to this process in creating long lasting effect of this energy that we co-created through this meditation globally.

00:40 am CET Novi Sad time
4:10 am IST New Delhi time
6:40 am SGT Singapore time
8:40 am AEST Sydney time
6:40 pm EDT New York time (July 8th)
7:40 pm BRT Rio De Janeiro time (July 8th)

Let’s spread this message! Invite your communities, tribes, social networks, friends, and family to join us on this epic opportunity to celebrate life and create a New Earth reality!

This is part of EXIT’s Conscious r:Evolution platform started a year ago in order to help evolve collective and individual consciousness. Through this platform we brought together some of the leading global speakers, artists, scientists, leaders, entrepreneurs and activists with the aim of discussing possible directions of individual and collective development of humanity. Our platform so far created a community of nearly half a million people who watched our panels and participated in our workshops.

Let’s unite our hearts in order to create Harmony and Celebrate Life!