Healthy Relationships as the Foundation of a Happy Life

One of the region’s most well-respected authorities in the fields of parenting and body psychotherapy, Tomislav Kuljiš, is coming to Belgrade on April 13 for a seminar dedicated to fostering healthy relationships with children, partner, friends, and colleagues. With the educational seminar “Healthy Relationships as the Foundation of a Happy Life,” the EXIT Foundation’s “Conscious R:Evolution” platform continues to highlight and showcase individuals who are transforming the world around them with knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm. Notable speakers for the platform have included globally beloved speaker Nick Vujičić, former Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme David Beasley, founder of the first NLP institute in Serbia Slavica Squire, renowned author Richard Barrett, international lecturer Thomas Hübl, and others.

This marks Tomislav Kuljiš’s first full-day seminar in Belgrade, offering attendees deep insights into building quality relationships and better understanding both themselves and others. The “Healthy Relationships as the Foundation of a Happy Life” seminar will take place in the impressive Madleniaum theatre in Zemun and presents a unique opportunity for each attendee to deepen their connection with loved ones.

A limited number of tickets are available at Gigs Tix’s physical outlets and online, with promotional prices set at 3,900 RSD for the ground floor and 4,900 for gallery seats and a section of ground floor seating near the stage.

Tomislav Kuljis, a reputable expert in parenting and body psychotherapy, is the founder of the international educational training institute and school for psychotherapists, IPD International, which includes the “Natural Parenting” Center. Possessing a European Certificate for Psychotherapy, he founded his programs on the integration of principles from developmental and clinical psychology, body and psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology, contemporary attachment theory, affect regulation theory, and the all-encompassing Integral Theory.

The seminar, “Healthy Relationships as the Foundation of a Happy Life,” with your children, partner, friends, and colleagues will be divided into two parts. From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, the theme will be the significance of early development, and from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, healthy partnerships will be explored.

Early relationships shape a child’s mind, and later, such a mind shapes further relationships. The deeper we can delve into our unconscious and resolve the internal issues of dysfunctional patterns, blocked emotions, and unmet primary needs, forming a more mature and complete ego through self-care, the higher we can connect with spiritual aspects and start living a more meaningful life, connected to something greater than our ego,” emphasizes Tomislav Kuljis.

“With this seminar, we aim to highlight the importance of awareness levels in the relationships we create as parents, partners, educators, friends, and business collaborators. We also strive to demonstrate how we create change around us by changing ourselves,” said the representative of the EXIT Foundation platform “Consciousness R:Evolution”, Ivan Petrovic.

Some of today’s greatest challenges include the diminishing abilities to establish relationships, even with significant others. Young people increasingly tend towards psycho-emotional pain, depression, and other mental difficulties and disorders.

In addition to outdated parenting methods, the cause lies in digital technologies, which, despite the advantages they provide, significantly affect the reduced time for personal interaction between children and their parents and peers. These interactions are a prerequisite for developing the ability to establish an authentic relationship with oneself and others. The question of relationships, the impact of early development on the brain, and how, later as adults, we create mutual relationships and build society as a whole – opens up the question of the direction humanity is heading.

The goal of the “Healthy Relationships as the Foundation of a Happy Life” seminar is to illuminate the root of the problem and create space to find solutions.