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On Your Demand: Tomislav Kuljiš’s Seminar Also Available Online!

Tomislav Kuljiš VOD

Due to high demand, the day-long seminar “Healthy Relationships as the Foundation of a Happy Life” will also be available online!

This remarkable opportunity to gain insights from Tomislav Kuljiš, one of the region’s most reputable parenting and body psychotherapy experts, is being extended globally via live stream on April 13 and as a Video-on-Demand shortly after the event.

VIRTUAL PASS is currently available at an Early Bird price of 3,960 RSD (€33) through Gigs Tix. Given the huge interest for this educational seminar, tickets at this price are expected to sell out quickly!

Everyone who chooses to watch the event this way will receive a live stream link and access code upon ticket purchase. And that’s not all – they will gain access to a video recording of the entire seminar after the event via email!

Tomislav Kuljiš’s first full-day seminar in Belgrade will feature two lectures, each two hours long, dedicated to fostering healthy relationships with children, partner, friends, and colleagues. From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, the theme will be the significance of early development, and from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, healthy partnerships will be explored. The seminar is organised by the EXIT Foundation’s platform “Conscious R:Evolution.”

Tomislav Kuljis, a reputable expert in parenting and body psychotherapy, is the founder of the international educational training institute and school for psychotherapists, IPD International, which includes the “Natural Parenting” Center. Possessing a European Certificate for Psychotherapy, he founded his programs on the integration of principles from developmental and clinical psychology, body and psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology, contemporary attachment theory, affect regulation theory, and the all-encompassing Integral Theory.

The seminar will also include discussions on the challenges of parenting and partnership. Alongside Kuljiš, these discussions will feature Dolores Milošev Erdeg, creator of the podcast “Zdrava priča sa Dolores” (Health Talk with Dolores), change coach and bestselling author Siniša Ubović (Path of Change), co-founder of the portal “Najbolja mama na svetu” (The Best Mom in the World) Marina Lazarević and founder of the EXIT Group and the initiator of the Conscious R:Evolution platform, Dušan Kovačević.

The study of relationships, the impact of early development on the brain, and how, later as adults, we create mutual relationships and build society as a whole – opens up the question of the direction humanity is heading.

The goal of the “Healthy Relationships as the Foundation of a Happy Life” seminar is to illuminate the root of the problem and create space to find solutions.

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